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円舞 - ENBU

Within the scope of various perceptible cosmic scales, there is a profound presence of orbital and cyclical impulses that seem inherent within the laws of nature and, inevitably, semiotics. Thus, the circular form may evoke vast associations both tangible and conceptual, such as planets, microscopic life, atomic structures, theoretical diagrams, space, and time.


ENBU is a series of work exploring the phenomenon of circles and its correlation to reality and the human condition.  Each piece is a narrative to an issue within the contemporary world, as a means to respond, address and extend its dialogue, or simply to inspire. 


Considering the formal aspects, the pieces are drawn from textures or phenomenon observed in nature, and each round form represents a premise of unity, control, nurture, time, and the ego, respectively.  These ideas and the related complexities that I am dealing with are informed and inspired by futurist Michio Kaku, architect Ryuji Nakamura, artists Motoi Yamamoto & Romio Shrestha, and educator Stephen R. Covey. 


It is my desire for viewers to experience gestalt – to be reminded of the whole, embrace communities, enhance group-cohesiveness, and realize how the monumental tasks that humanity faces can be managed through the amalgamation of human potential, innovation, and creativity.


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