"This Sacred Thing,"

The exhibition is an exploration of how human experience shapes and influences spiritual, or otherwise significant relationships with objects. Works relate to a combination of the following definitions of the term Relic. 

September 11th - November 21st, 2021
@ SPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

"Proximity," embraces principles of order and chaos. Arranged carefully in the lobby of 5 Manhattan West in a geometrical pattern that creates a larger system, each mechanical unit with attached solar panels develops its own individuality through the dynamic interplay between position, and levels of sunlight, artificial light, and shadows. Using visual phenomena as an allegory for the cyclical nature of life, light, and routines, the work creates a meditative and contemplative space through its movement and sound.

September 20th - November 12th, 2021
@ 5 Manhattan West Building, Manhattan, NY

Combining drawing and sculpture as well as a network of references from Japanese visual art traditions, physics, technology, to the human condition, Katayama creates an interconnected system within his own art practice. This system mimics not only the complicated relationship humans have with our environment but how we too are part of a network that makes up Earth’s ecology and often disturb it. Katayama calls us to reckon with state of the environment today, where the conversation about Earth’s decay is inseparable from the exertion of mankind’s will upon it.

September 24th - October 23rd, 2021
@ Moreman Gallery, Louisville, KY