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Nimbus Drum is a kinetic sound artwork that is autonomous and interactive.  Viewers are encouraged to play with the shifting metal beads to manipulate, disperse, create designs, or simply observe.

The amplified sound generated by the clashing pellets intends to call attention to the smaller things in life that are oftentimes overlooked, and to reveal how implicit micro-structures inevitably affect outcomes of explicit macro-structures - in this case, the installation of overhanging clouds. 

The work exists in a state of perpetual change, further commenting on the impermanent nature of reality, our role within it and what we can change. 

Tough Art is an artist residency program that invites artists to collaborate with the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh to create new works "tough enough" to withstand a hands-on environment. 

Material: LED, poly fiber, steel, sound sensor, contact microphones, magnets, motors.

Year: 2017

Location: Shadow room at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.

Photography by: Kristi Jan Hoover

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