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源 - GEN

There are underlying patterns inherent in nature.  These repeating elements govern the structure and organization of matter – they are laws innately responsible for the progress or entropy of human consciousness, population diversity and the fluctuating rise and fall of cultures.  The schema and order take various forms and transcend through different realms, but complement in their functions.

My current work and ongoing series are narratives for contemporary issues of ecology and spirituality: the increase of natural disasters and pollution, the demand for alternative energy, the gradual collapse and rebirth of communities and the steady emergence of highly individualized identities. 

I use motif shapes and forms to accentuate my dialogue between the ‘origin’ and the perpetuating rise of problems humanity encounters.  Ideas are inspired by futurist Michio Kaku, Sachiko Kodama & Yasushi Miyajima, Motoi Yamamoto, Sagaki Keita and architect Ryuji Nakamura.

It is my desire for viewers to experience gestalt – to be reminded of the whole, embrace communities, enhance group-cohesiveness and realize how the monumental tasks that humanity faces can be managed through the amalgamation of human potential, innovation and creativity.

I am an artist – all I can do is to look towards the future and help inspire dreams of what may come to be, attempting to capture a world where there is hope.

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