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This installation, Flight, is an enormous and colorful paper airplane in the baggage terminal public curb location​. The giant paper airplane is composed of 225 smaller paper airplanes in a multitude of bright colors. The concept is born from the whimsy and magic of flight that carries visitors all around the world. The simple paper airplane is evocative of the playful curiosity and imagination we all had as school children to learn about our world and to pass the time with friends.

Imagination fuels the creativity of Pittsburgh’s culture, technology and economy. This sculpture is the poetic interpretation of the airport itself in which each visitor landing in Pittsburgh is welcomed into a diverse and vibrant community.

Material: Aluminum, steel, BASF automobile paint.

Dimension: 6' x 8.5' x 16'

Year: 2019

Location: Pittsburgh International Airport, Door #3 arrivals, Pittsburgh, PA.

Photography by Shohei Katayama & Beth Hollerich

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