ThinkBox Contemporary is a newly established private alternative art space, operating as an experimental venue for artists who work in a variety of media. The interior installation is an odd mixture of old-world stone foundation blocks with stainless steel contemporary add-ons. The gallery's vision is to provide a fresh art venue in the heart of Old Louisville and to increase dialogues for the betterment of the area's social discourse. Located at 1401 S. 3rd Street, the entrance is on Magnolia Street through the glass garage.


1401 s. 3rd Street (On Magnolia)

Louisville, KY 40208





***ThinkBox Contemporary has ended on August, 2016.

Click here for a video of the making.

:: Recent work by Joel Fullerton include site-specific installation, and experimental lithographic prints. The artworks presented are based on concepts of the ruin and the absence from an initial intent, contemporary re-interpretations of ancient history, history of touch, memory, and emptiness. ::


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