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Driving Me Nuts

Running Time: 1:30 min

Medium: Motion sensor, motor, magnets, acorns


Description: A hidden motion sensor reacts to the movement of uninformed viewers, triggering the acorns to move in a way that disrupts the microcosm. The work questions the exchange between the intentional and the natural, the seen and the unseen, and the organic in inorganic systems.

Kaikou :: civilization

Running Time: 0:59 min

Medium: Strontium aluminate, dinoflagellates, sea water, epoxy, motor, glass


Description: Phosphorescent pebbles are arranged to create a controlled structure resembling a shrine or Stonehenge. A culture of bioluminescent algae resides in the space between the floating, rotating ring. The dinoflagellates light up when a hidden dripper unit drops salt water from the ceiling. 

Balance [Type-II]

Running Time: 1:12 min


Composed of iron shavings and cobalt flakes which react to a motorized magnet, the piece exists in the state of perpetual change.  In much the same way, human activity and natural occurrences can initiate both individual and cultural changes that are in constant fluctuation.



Running Time: 0:33 min


Three levitating discs that spin, orbit, and emit light through wireless induction coils, inserted between a sheet of mirror and silver tinted glass, surrounded by LEDs. The piece creates a dialogue on the cyclical nature of individual lives that reside in a metropolis and its effect on their spirituality.  The piece is an evolution and combination of previous works, “Force,” “Divinity,” and “Mugen”.


Running Time: 1:04 min


A grid of turning polished glass beads.  Each unit is powered by a set of solar panels.  Embedded in the framework are florescent tubes that provide a degree of UV to move several, but not all of the parts.  For the entire piece to function as a whole, an external source of energy is needed – the sun.  For the most part, present-day society functions with fossil fuels (florescent tubes).  Unless a viable and sustainable source (the sun) is integrated to support the energy consumption of over population, humanity as a whole cannot thrive.


Running Time: 1:13 min


A levitating sphere that spins, orbits, and emits a light using its own centripetal force. Commenting on the invisible, ubiquitous, and transformative forces of energy, the installation is a study that explores the process and conversion of electricity.  Considering the formal aspects, the phenomenon simulates the subtle movements of a black hole and the emission of quasars. The piece is an evolution of a previous work, “Divinity”.


Meikyo-Shisui: Magnetic Fishing

Running Time: 2:27 min


“Meikyo-Shisui” in Japanese translates to, “clear mirror-still water.”  It is an expression to describe the clarity of one’s mind when there is no malice or disruption, similar to how the surface of still water can become the clearest mirror on a calm day. 


Using a 500lb. pull force neodymium magnet attached to a nylon string, the metal reactive items were fished out over a course of a month.  In exploring parallels between the Japanese fishing culture and the remnants of the pollutants of the industrial era, the work investigates the relation through discovery of archeological remains. 

Video editing by: Nathaniel Hendrickson


Running Time: 0:32 min


A levitating moss island hovering above a sheet of mirror.  Electromagnets and sensors are used to sustain the magnet in air.  The piece creates a dialogue concerned with environmental, ecological, and sustainability issues, aiming to advance and understand the dynamics of anthropogenic systems.  The work suggests what landscapes in the future could be, on a planet where population continues to grow at an exponential rate.

GEN Exhibition Opening

Running Time: 3:56 min


A short clip of my first solo exhibition at Crane House - The Asia Institute. Works include paintings, sculptures and installations. 

ENBU Exhibition Opening

Running Time: 3:15 min


A short clip of my solo exhibition at Pyro Gallery. Works include experimental artwork fabricated with magnets, silver, lights, water, superhydrophobic surfaces and thermal adhesive glue. 


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